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Business Brochures – The Process of Designing Business Brochures

Anyone who has ever paid attention realizes that they see brochures everywhere. From gas stations, to the grocery store, to the airport, there is printed material everywhere that is attempting to catch the attention of passers-by. If you want to add your information to that pool, it can easily be lost in the crowd. Designing good business brochures is the only way to be sure that your particular offering is standing above the competition.


The first thing you need to determine is what the purpose and audience is for your brochure. If you are relaying information to your staff and employees, different techniques will be used than if you are planning on putting the business brochures in a kiosk with other marketing offerings.

With internal memos or informative brochures, cost is usually the main concern and expensive design can be kept to a minimum. There is little to no competition for your message. However, in competitive spheres, it makes sense to add those touches that make your piece stand out.

Since most of the concern with business brochures is how to help them be noticed in the company of other similar advertising, it’s generally the main focus of the design process. The most important part of designing a lucrative brochure is to do whatever it takes to make sure it is unique. While you can certainly make an educated guess as to what the competition is doing, it’s always best to confirm.

Make a trip to the venue that you plan to use for Product Packaging in Vietnam  display and examine each brochure. While full color and glossy paper are certainly more interesting than a black and white brochure, you won’t get the desired effect if your pamphlet blends in. By knowing what most other companies are using, you can select the options that will stand out during the design and printing process.

The next thing to pay attention to is the text and content that is in your business brochures. While catching the eye of potential customers is important, you want to hold their attention once they pick up your brochure. Because you are speaking to various demographics, write your brochure as if you are addressing someone who is unfamiliar with your product or service.

Also, keep the graphics interesting and engaging so that the viewer maintains interest to the final layout. It can helpful to take the time to test various possibilities with similar customers before the release. This real time feedback can be invaluable to making your brochure campaign more successful.

The final thing to keep in mind is to not overdo it during the design process. While various design options can be great ideas on their own, when combined with the rest of the brochure, you can end up with a final package that doesn’t flow well.

Make sure that every graphic and picture enhances the final look of your business brochures and is in line with the overall goal of your marketing program. There is a fine line between boring and overwhelming, so keep a close eye on the design as it evolves

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